Compassionate Person-Centered Counseling in New York City


Restore your health, vitality, and relationships!  Live the life you are meant to live!

If you think that it’s time you spoke with a counselor in New York, then Nicole Urban LMHC can be there for you. Nicole Urban is a warm, welcoming, and sensitive listener who is able to provide counseling to people regarding a variety concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationships, academic performance, career issues, parenting, gender identity, sexuality, and trauma from her convenient Manhattan office.  Located in Greenwich Village, Nicole Urban is only one block from Union Square, easily accessible from New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut as well as all of New York City.

When you come to see Nicole Urban LMHC for counseling, you can be assured that there is an expert in the room. There is someone who knows your entire history, everything you are ashamed of and proud of, someone who feels what you feel, and shares your thoughts. You will meet with someone who knows what feels good for you, what is healthy for you, and what direction to take in your life. When you come to counseling with Nicole Urban, you will meet someone you can trust with your life . . .  It's YOU!  

As a Person-Centered Counselor in New York City, Nicole Urban LMHC views people as constantly growing towards health and well being in the same way a plant will grow towards the sun.  The instinct for positive growth is there and just needs a nurturing environment to flourish. Nicole Urban will help by listening empathically and responsively to your issues, needs, and joys and being a supportive companion who will follow you on the journey of your choice.  Nicole Urban seeks to provide you with a relationship that nurtures your growth by being fully present and authentic with you, genuinely caring for and accepting you as you are, and demonstrating an understanding of your thoughts and feelings.  Carl Rogers called these core conditions which facilitate growth in all types of relationship: congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. 

Nicole Urban is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY with an LGBTQ, kink, and poly friendly practice, who will warmly and respectfully assist you in identifying and addressing your needs.  Please call or email today to set up an appointment.  Once you take the first step, Nicole Urban LMHC will be able to help you the rest of the way to a richer more fulfilling life.